Monday, April 03, 2006

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Editorial: Government is Obligated to Fully Repair New Orleans Area Levees
Editors write, the public lacks confidence in the Army Corps of Engineers. Editors say President Bush and his administration promised to repair New Orleans area levees to aid in the rebuilding process. They are pulling back on their promises now that the cost of levee repair has tripled. Even GOP Sen. David Vitter says Washington is "stonewalling." Editors say levee problems were caused by flaws and errors of a federal agency and the President and government are obligated to stick to their promise. Editors, The Advertiser 04/03/2006
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Bills Offer Different Plans for Nursing Home Evacuations
Editors write, Sen. McPherson, who owns a Lafayette nursing home, offers a bill that would require the state to give nursing homes a 60-hour advance notice of evacuation for an approaching hurricane if parish officials order a mandatory evacuation. His bill says a state emergency plan has to include details of transportation, supplies and equipment and requires that the state pay for transportation and shelter of nursing home patients. Gov. Blanco backs another bill that calls for state oversight but does not allow nursing homes to shirk their responsibility. Editors say nursing home operators who can't care for patients even in an emergency should not be in business. Editors, New Orleans Times-Picayune 04/03/2006
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