Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tort Reform Group Monitors State Attorneys General

The American Tort Reform Association launched a Web site that targets litigation agendas of state attorneys general. ATRA is a Washington-DC-lobby formed in 1986 to represent hundreds of U.S. and foreign corporations in their bid to overhaul civil liability laws at the state and national levels. ATRA coordinates the activities of "Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse' (CALA) that is a sham front groups for Fortune 500 companies with a direct financial stake in restricting lawsuits, such as tobacco, insurance, chemical, auto and pharmaceutical industries. ATRA President Sherman Joyce said since the tobacco industry litigation of the 1990s, AGs have formed similar partnerships with plaintiff attorneys to litigate against other corporate interests. View the Web site. PRNewswire, PR Newswire 06/27/2006 Read Article: PR Newswire

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