Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Republican Judge sticks it to working families, declares Louisiana Governor’s Katrina order illegal

Republican Judge Tim Kelley of 19th JDC ruled the Gov. Blanco "exceeded her authority" when she suspended the statute of limitations to give citizens more time to file lawsuits after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Judge Kelley also ruled that the Legislature acted "improperly" when it ratified the governor's order. The court’s ruling helps insurance companies avoid liability by not paying those who, through no fault of their own, could not file suit timely because of Hurricane Katrina.

Judge Kelley said while the governor has such authority over agencies of the state, the courts are not agencies of the state. Plaintiff attorney Jeff Nicholson of Baton Rouge said an appeal is being prepared. Others speculate on the serious and far-reaching effect the ruling could have upon numerous lawsuits filed between Aug. 29 and Jan. 3. Penny Brown Roberts, The Advocate 06/27/2006 Read Article:
The Advocate

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