Thursday, August 21, 2008

They Did It Again: AIG Wrongly Denied Claim for Veteran

They're at it again!

American General Life Insurance Co. wrongly refused to honor a life insurance policy held by an Iraq war veteran who died while recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder, a lawsuit filed by the soldier’s parents claims. The soldier, Andrew White, joined the Marine Corps Reserve in July 2003 and served as a combat engineer, disarming "improvised explosive devices" and patrolling areas near Iraq's border with Syria.

Denying the claim, AIG has cited a previously undisclosed car accident involving the soldier as the reason for denying the claim. The lawsuit seeks the full value of the policy and other unspecified damages.'s in their nature to find any reason not to pay! They're addicted to "bad faith."

Andrew Clevenger, The Charleston Gazette 08/18/2008 Read Article: The Charleston Gazette

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