Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doctor Settles Class Action Over Unnecessary Care

Adequate medical care is already too expensive for the average working guy and his family. For the most part, working folks can't afford decent medical care. It's unfair when doctors make the health care burden harder by performing "unnecessary medical procedures."

Here's one doctor that didn't get away with it!

Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Co., the medical malpractice insurer for La. cardiologist Mehmood Patel, has agreed to pay more than $3 million to settle claims against Patel, who performed unnecessary cardiac procedures on his patients.

Under the setlement, Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Co. will pay $ 2.75 million to settle plaintiff claims and $250,000 for claims against Acadiana Cardiology LLC. and Acadiana Cardiovascular Center LLC. Dr. Patel also faces federal criminal charges involving 93 counts of health care fraud.

Shay Randle, The Advertiser 08/28/2008 Read Article: The Advertiser

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heavyatheart said...

PATELL IS A CHEAT AND A LIAR. My cousin had a stent in his leg, placed by Patell. For 3 years he cant qualify for insurace because of the stent. He got a new cardioligist who did a balloon test yesterday. THERE IS NO STENT ANYWHERE. They are amputating his leg tomorrow! How many people has this guy killed or ruined their lives!