Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some Who Settled Katrina Damage Can't Sue State Farm For Fraud

In a tragic case, U.S. District Court Judge L.T. Senter Jr. ruled that State Farm policyholders who settled Katrina claims through a state mediation program couldn’t sue State Farm for the same property damage.

The plaintiff, Eldridge Boyd, sued State Farm in June 2007, claiming State Farm "conspired with adjusters and engineers to underpay wind claims." Boyd said he was owed for additional damage because he knew nothing about the "conspiracy" when he went through mediation.

Judge Santer said, "No!"

The shame is that any agreement based on "fraud" isn't fair and isn't just. Insurance companies shouldn't be allowed to profit by their own fraudulent wrongdoing.

This case is another example of indifferent conservative judges who protect corporations!

The opinion was issued in the case Boyd v. State Farm. Anita Lee, Biloxi Sun Herald 08/13/2008 Read Article: Biloxi Sun Herald

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