Monday, May 31, 2010

Gov. Bobby Jindal gets $25 million from BP for cleanup, but doesn't distribute the funds.

This morning State Sen. Butch Gautreaux appeared on MSNBC.

Because Sen. Gautreaux is from St. Mary Parish, which borders the Gulf of Mexico, the reporter was interested in getting a clearer picture of just how bad the BP oil spill disaster will be for coastal Louisiana. Parishes along the Gulf of Mexico will, no doubt, be the areas most severely impacted by the devastating oil spill.

When asked if Pres. Obama's response to the oil spill was quick enough, Sen. Gautreaux said he personally witnessed US Coast Guard involvement shortly after the oil spill was reported.

After that question was answered, the interview really turned bad for Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The reporter then asked Sen. Gautreaux if Gov.Jindal's criticism of Pres. Obama was justified.

In response to that question, the senator dropped a virtual "political nuclear bomb" on Gov. Jindal.

Sen. Gautreaux said that, Friday, he learned BP gave Gov. Bobby Jindal $25 million to help with cleanup efforts in Louisiana coastal parishes. Sen. Gautreaux said Gov. Jindal has used a measly $3 million of the $25 million for cleanup efforts in the coastal parishes.

So, Gov. Jindal the question is "where has all the money gone... long-time passing?"

Gov. Jindal needs to make a complete accounting of his efforts to timely distribute the remaining $22 million.

The problems only get worse over time! So why wait, Gov. Jindal? Also, why weren't the funds immediately distributed to the coastal parishes to help with cleanup efforts?

Hopefully Gov. Jindal's tune about government response will change. Otherwise, we'll be singing, "Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? Bobby took the cookie from the cookie jar? If not you, then who?"

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