Monday, May 03, 2010

The finger pointing begins: BP says it’s not responsible for accident

By now, news of the disaster off the coast of Louisiana has circulated around the world. But, the finger pointing among the corporations responsible for the disaster is just beginning. BP's chairman claims that BP "is not responsible for the accident." In the corporate world, passing the buck is good business.

BP claims that Transocean, the owner of the drilling rig, is responsible for the accident.

This is not the first time that BP has failed to take responsibility for safety failures. BP caused a major casualty in Texas in 2005 and avoided liability for it. The safety problems at BP are so bad that the US Department of Labor called BP's safety failures "systemic."

Will BP eventually pay for the disaster? Probably not.

Exxon was found guilty of the Valdez disaster and ordered to pay $5 billion in punitive damages. How much has Exxon paid? NOTHING! That's right, not a penny!

So, don't hold your breath for BP to pay. Let the finger pointing begin!


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