Monday, March 02, 2009

Residents of Independence, La., File Clean Water Act Lawsuit

The residents of Independence, Louisiana, have had it! Enough is enough! they say.

With the help of the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, residents of Independence, located in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, filed a federal lawsuit in New Orleans alleging that, for almost two years, a $3 million shrimp processing plant in Independence has caused the city's water treatment plant to violate its permit.

Officials with the company, DoRan Seafood LLC, the accused, say the town's water treatment problems existed before the plant opened.

Independence has a large and very proud Italian-American population that holds a large Italian festival every year in April. Originally known as "Uncle Sam," Louisiana, Independence has retained its proud Italian heritage, including the "will to resist," the "will to fight."

Get ready for a good fight DoRan Seafood LLC; you will need it! Don't mess with Uncle Sam!

See, David Mitchell's article, The Advocate 02/26/2009


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