Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Houston Settles Red Light Camera Contract Lawsuit

It’s a source of great irritation to many drivers. It’s a bad idea for city officials. But, it's a bonanza for “entrepreneurs” who can make crime, however slight, profitable - $12 million in profits to be exact! And, the insult that is added to the injury is taxpayers picking-up the tab for a bad idea gone really, really bad.

KTRK-TV reports that the city of Houston agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against the use of red-light cameras. Last August, the city turned the cameras off and stopped issuing tickets but still had to deal with the contract with camera manufacturer American Traffic Solutions (ATS). In the proposed settlement, the city offered to pay ATS more than $12 million for breach of contract. $12 million, ouch! Demond Fernandez , KTRK-TV 01/21/2012 Read Article: KTRK-TV

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