Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BP Caught Red-Handed in Conflict of Interest with Gulf Claims Facility

The Center for Justice & Democracy, a citizens' advocacy group, isn’t about to back down from British Petroleum, the mega-national corporation that devastated the Gulf Coast.

The CJ&D has asked various Gulf Coast attorneys general to launch an immediate investigation into possible conflict of interest between BP and the administration of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility by Kenneth Feinberg.

The CJ&D letter objects to Feinberg serving as claims administrator while BP is paying his law firm $850,000 a month for legal fees! Hum... almost a million dollars a month in attorney fees!

CJ&D’s letter charges that “Mr. Feinberg, employed by BP, has decided on his own authority that all claims recipients must release all companies who caused this disaster from any and all legal responsibility, no matter how grossly negligent they were. This sweeping release, which assigns victims’ claims to BP, benefits only one actor: BP – the company that pays Mr. Feinberg’s salary."

Link to CJ&D’s letter!

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