Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bush Administration Blocks Safety Measures for Injured Consumers

Pres. George W. Bush once described himself as "the decider." Well, some of the decisions of our lame-duck president are downright alarming.

In the waning days of an administration that is the most inept administration since the days of Herbert Hoover, the Bush administration has declared "all-out war" on the middle-class in an effort to protect "corporate welfare," "corporate irresponsibility," and "corporate greed."

"What the Bush administration is trying to do in its last days in office is downright frightening…(including) its rush to change at least 50 federal agency rules for the purpose of blocking safety lawsuits by injured consumers, providing immunity to negligent or irresponsible corporations." These actions endanger all citizens and "…undoing the damage must be one of the highest priorities of the new administration."

Joanne Dorshow, Center for Justice & Democracy, The New York Times 11/11/2008

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