Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blanco to Testify in St. Rita Nursing Home Trial

Here's a very interesting criminal defense move.

A spokesman for La. Atty. Gen. Charles Foti said the St. Rita's nursing home trial is the first case in Louisiana in which the governor is compelled to testify.

Foti was unsuccessful in blocking defense efforts to call Gov. Blanco in the trial against the nursing home owners charged with the deaths of 35 patients in post-Katrina flooding. Defense attorneys argue that Blanco and other state officials failed to organize an effective evacuation.

Well, if Blanco should testify, then so should FEMA's Mike Brown and Pres. Bush. After all, the Bush administration had the resources and expertise to manage the disaster, but didn't.

Emily Kern, The Advocate 08/14/2007 Read Article: The Advocate

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