Saturday, May 12, 2007

Federal Judge Attacks Middle-Class Rights to live healthy.

MONEY...MONEY...MONEY! In what can only be described as an attack on middle-class rights, U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel rejected class certification because the plaintiffs’ lawyers told the plaintiffs what their rights were. That’s right – a federal judge refused to let plaintiffs file as a group because the plaintiffs lawyer told them that they had rights.

The shame of Judge Patel’s decision is that, everyday in boardrooms across America, insurance and corporate lawyers advise corporate cartels of their rights and conservative federal judges let it pass. Here, Judge Patel’s decision is insidious for two reasons:

First, Oreck Direct LLC, a Louisiana profiteer, makes questionable air purifiers that affect health of 70,000 Californians. In effect, the Judge said that the only way that the plaintiffs’ lawyer could represent 70,000 members of the class was if 70,000 people called the lawyers’ office to seek representation.

Secondly, the Federal Judge objected to the plaintiffs’ lawyer telling anyone that Oreck air purifiers didn’t work. This theory has devastating implication for consumers. The fake corporate science that dominates the boardrooms of America will reign until someone dies or becomes ill.

The message is now clear: If there's a defective product in America, lawyers can’t tell the public about it! Thanks, Judge Patel, the middle-class really needs that kind of protection.

And, unless members of a class individually contact the lawyer, he can’t represent them. Westrup Klick LLP, the plaintiffs' lawyer, should appeal Judge Patel's draconian decision and help restore the rights of the middle class to live a healthy life.

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